An Introduction to True Leadership

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Lesson 3 What Drives Leadership?

What motivates you as a leader? Are you focusing on the opportunities to improve upon that will have the most significant impact?


  • What is true self-confidence?
  • Can a leader's confidence by sustained by self-direction and drive alone or should external factors also contribute?


  • What is the secret to effective communication?
  • Do leaders need to rely on "communication skills" or does self-integration reflected through their actions plan an integral part?


  • Is integrity more than morality, honesty, and ethics?
  • Can an individual maintain their personal values and still achieve success?

Constant Learning

  • How can leaders be curious, creative, and continuously learning while being a leader?
  • In this rapidly changing world, do leaders understand what should never change?

Powerful Intentions

  • What intentions should a leader have?
  • Does ego have a place in leadership?
An actor can play any character, but his true character can never be an act.

Next Lesson The Foundation of Leadership

Through analysis of ourselves and the way that our bodies and minds function, we will discover the fundamental Universal Truths surrounding us that are continuously at work.

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