You Are a Force of Nature

The Foundation fosters and nurtures this universal power through the truth of Oneness.

9 Universal Laws of Success

The 9 Universal Laws are incontrovertibly empowering and liberating. They are life-changing and transform lives. Just as a stone dropped into a still pond, the effect of these indisputable Laws radiates out into the world transforming and empowering those it touches. Once you fully comprehend and live these Laws, they transform you into a catalyst for positive change and give you control of your life.

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The 25 Habits for Your Success

Ultimately, everything we do is a result of our habits. Habits are a gift, a mechanism to our minds and bodies that allow us to operate on autopilot so that without thinking we can move through all the multi-level and complicated facets of our lives. Ultimately, they give us freedom and create a life that is manageable and relatively stress free.

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Deciphering HAPPINESS

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An Introduction to True Leadership

The Discover Oneness Foundation offers many programs and services to inspire and empower your growth as a leader.

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