You Are a Force of Nature

You have within you the Universal Force that empowers and enlivens all of life. This omnipresent force — present within everyone and everything — once tapped into will empower you with all the creative and transformative energy of the universe.

It will enable you to not only achieve sustainable success in all your endeavors, but it removes all boundaries, limitations, restraints, doubts, anxieties, insecurities, myths, illusions, and delusions. What you can visualize, you can achieve.

To avail yourself of the Universal Force’s full capacity, you must first completely immerse in it and become one with it. The unifier for this is called Oneness

The Foundation fosters and nurtures this universal power through the truth of Oneness.

The Foundation’s purpose is to cultivate the seed of Oneness, already residing within each of us, which will enable us to realize and achieve our fundamental purpose in life to our fullest capacity and potential.

Our vision is that the profound power of Oneness will dissolve life’s illusions, myths, and misperceptions. Oneness brings to life the deepest, most fundamental empowerment, inspiration, creativity, and engagement.

Our mission is to transform you into a highest value-adding entity, which will position you for unprecedented, sustainable success in every aspect of your life. The outcome is that you’ll lead a truly harmonious, stress-free, joyful, and highly fulfilling life.

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9 Universal Laws of Success

The world only knows three types of success: Hard work, luck, and education and experience. Hard work alone will put you in an early grave, but does not assure success. Luck is an illusion. Millions of people spend their life savings buying lottery tickets and gambling, but that rarely works. Ninety-nine percent of the world advocates and swears by education and experience. Unfortunately, all it teaches us is how to meticulously explain our failures, but doesn’t guarantee success. Education and experience are important tools, but assured success is derived by understanding and living the 9 Universal Laws of Success.

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The 25 Habits for Your Success

Ultimately, everything we do is a result of our habits. Habits are a gift, a mechanism to our minds and bodies that allow us to operate on autopilot so that without thinking we can move through all the multi-level and complicated facets of our lives. Ultimately, they give us freedom and create a life that is manageable and relatively stress free.

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An Introduction to True Leadership

Discoverhelp offers many programs and services to inspire and empower your growth as a leader.

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Training Topics

The Discover Oneness Foundation provides leadership seminars, webinars, and speaking engagements on a variety of topics.

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