The Discover Oneness Foundation

The Foundation has been formed to foster and develop a values-based approach to living that emphasizes the “Oneness” of us all.

Oneness has applications and implications in every aspect of our lives because what we think and do affects everyone near and far, directly and indirectly. When Oneness is absent, we think only in terms of “What’s in it for me?” and the satisfying of our personal agendas — at the cost of society and our moral judgment. The absence of Oneness brings selfishness and self-centeredness, which nurtures fear, greed, anxiety, anger, insecurity, manipulation, and dishonesty. Untold amounts of resources are required in order to monitor people to keep them honest. Tens of thousands of laws exist to this extent and trillions of dollars are spent yearly to manage the consequences of the absence of Oneness.

Our Mission

Through the programs and materials developed by the Foundation, the Foundation will undertake to educate the general public with respect to the depth and transformative power of Oneness in all aspects of society, culture, and life.

The organization plans to develop additional programs as needed, as well as radio and television programming centered around Oneness. Discoverhelp already has a reservoir of over 500 recorded TV programs and approximately 700 recorded radio programs that will be archived on the Discoverhelp website. New recordings are made on an ongoing basis.

A national conference is planned to enable participants to share ideas and experiences in the application and living of Oneness as it applies to all aspects of life. Roundtables and workshops will facilitate discussions with community leaders, educators, businesspeople, and health care providers about Oneness.

Each of the programs offered by the organization will be fee-based and with amounts charged set to recover expenses, fund further programming, and to achieve the Foundation’s mission.

What is Oneness?

Oneness is a simple yet profound truth and it only means that every being and everything around us is part of an integral One. Any decision based on this core human value can never be wrong or unethical, and will always stand the test of time.

Not only is Oneness always empowering and fulfilling, but it is the essential foundation of every sustainable relationship, endeavor, happiness, and success in life. It also means that any thought or action taken by any single person will affect everyone else, as we all are an inseparable part of everyone else. Full comprehension of this truth gives us an understanding of who we truly are and teaches us the real art of leadership ― by leading ourselves first.