9 Universal Laws of Success

The 9 Universal Laws are incontrovertibly empowering and liberating. They are life-changing and transform lives. Just as a stone dropped into a still pond, the effect of these indisputable Laws radiates out into the world transforming and empowering those it touches. Once you fully comprehend and live these Laws, they transform you into a catalyst for positive change and give you control of your life.

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Law 1 Law of Purpose

Our sole purpose in life is to add the highest value we can in all our endeavors unconditionally and continuously.

Law 2 Law of Acceptance

Accept life as it comes to us with gratefulness and without conditions.

Law 3 Law of Abudance

Abundance comes from the realization that resources do not belong to us, but are merely allocated to us to add the highest value.

Law 4 Law of Integrity

For true, sustainable, and stress-free success and happiness, every thought, word, action, and decision must be completely immersed in and integrated into oneness.

Law 5 Law of Leadership

We cannot lead others until we lead ourselves first. In order to lead ourselves first, we must know who we truly are through comprehending the oneness paradigm.

Law 6 Law of Freedom

We create real freedom through the discipline of oneness, which guides us in choosing and living our values unconditionally.

Law 7 Law of Change

Living in the reality of constant motion and change, we must remain in a student mode of learning and making our best better.

Law 8 Law of Values

We can only live our inherent, true values, true integrity, when we are completely integrated with and immersed in the one Divine Power— oneness.

Law 9 Law of Grace

The gift of life in its full integrated glory is only granted to us as we continue to add the highest value to the bigger One by completely and gratefully engaging all of our creative capacities until our last breath.