What Is Oneness?

Oneness is not a religion, cult, philosophy, or mythology. Oneness is the realization that every being and everything around us is part of an integral, omnipresent single resource and power. The reality is that we are all interconnected and interdependent. Oneness has applications and implications in every aspect of our lives because what we think and do affects everyone near and far, directly and indirectly.

When Oneness is not lived and embraced wholeheartedly, we then have life as we know it today. We live in a world of competing forces striving to outmaneuver, outcompete, gobble up, diminish, and even destroy the so-called opposition. We’re even willing to destroy each other and our planet in the race to see who will be the richest, own the most, control the most, and become king of the mountain. Meanwhile, people suffer, live in abject poverty, starve, and die from others’ predaceous, egocentric needs.

To comprehend Oneness in the worldly sense, for example, a building has hundreds of lightbulbs made by different manufacturers, with different designs, colors and wattages, and each one is priced and marketed differently. The companies that market these lightbulbs base their marketing on differentiation. When lightbulbs are in the lighted condition, they have value and purpose. Otherwise, they are useless. But how do they get lit? They are lit when they are connected to the same power source: electricity.

When we parallel this example with our physical being, we begin to understand that when we are alive, we are enlivened and empowered by a single, universal power source: Oneness. When we are not, we are literally dead. When we are born, we are automatically imbued with this universal power source, which interconnects all of life as One.

Realizing the truth of Oneness, we begin to understand that we are not defined by our gender, size, color, age, and other aspects of our human bodies. Suddenly, all of our agendas, fears, insecurities, greed, and egoic needs that are tied to our physical being are irrelevant. Instead, we engage with and are immersed in the universal power of Oneness that exists right within us and everyone we come across. Amazingly, Oneness gives us a clear mission and purpose to continuously and unconditionally serve this universal power by adding the highest value in every thought, action, and endeavor.

Our true wealth is reflected in our character.
Our strength is reflected in our kindness.
Our generosity is reflected in our gratefulness.
Our wisdom is reflected in our selflessness.
Truth is reflected when we see one in all and all in one.

In the absence of Oneness, all our education, intelligence, experience, strategies, agendas, power, wealth, fame, and resources will at the very best only produce short-lived, pseudo-successes that will continue to produce scarcity, stress, fear, and anxiety in our personal and business lives.

Without understanding and aspiring to live in harmony with the profound truth of Oneness, a value system is only partially effective, as its focus is on personal needs and desires. Oneness connects us to all of life so that we are no longer about our egos, but about the bigger picture. We are no longer interested in selfish agendas, but in striving to uplift all of life.

When we are fully integrated in and living Oneness in every facet of our lives, wholistic, stress-free, and sustainable success is achieved that elevates everyone. Furthermore, when we engage our creative brains with the real us –– the universal power of Oneness –– we are then in position to use the full capacity of our brains.

So, in our thought processes, we have a choice: to either be an unlit lightbulb with all kinds of differentiations, designations, and limitations OR to be Oneness, the unlimited true power that enlivens and empowers us, and that profoundly enriches the world around us.

Toward the end of Albert Einstein’s life journey, when he exhausted his scientific and spiritual exploration, he came to a profound realization: "A person experiences life as something separate from the rest ― a kind of optical delusion of consciousness. Our task must be to free ourselves from this self-imposed prison, and through compassion, to find the reality of Oneness."

My wish for you is that you find resonance in Oneness and that it will speak to your heart and soul.