H.E.L.P. stands for Highest Empowered Leadership Program. Thousands of books, seminars, and workshops are available in the marketplace each with their particular perception of what “leadership” is. Yet, though they are sterling products and quite effective, they still miss the core of what true leadership is actually based upon.

Re-imagine leadership and achieve new levels of excellence with Discover Oneness Foundation's one-of-a-kind, character-building leadership training programs.

  • Discover your true self and the passion, purpose, and power to lead yourself and others.
  • Explore a compass for practical and ethical decision-making.
  • Improve your relationships and reduce stress.
  • Review your mission, vision, and values through the eye-opening lens of a timeless Universal Truth actionable in your personal and business life.
  • Align your team with the fundamental truths of the universe and feel the change begin.

The demands on leadership today require us to find effective ways to incubate innovative and ethical leaders who can orchestrate solutions to the challenges faced by a volatile world. Integral theory is emerging as a leading philosophy that identifies processes that deepen our understanding of and ability to develop leaders. 

We offer a number of workshops and seminars on a range of thought-provoking topics.

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