Workshops and Trainings

Through the following webinars, workshops/trainings and presentations, Ratanjit S. Sondhe presents an in-depth understanding of and grounding in the principles that lead to the fundamentals of leadership, something that is actually inherent within all of us:

  • The Foundation & Path of Real Leadership
  • The Foundation & Path to Viable Diversity
  • The 9 Universal Laws of True Success, Freedom, and Empowerment
  • The 25 Habits of a Successful & Flourishing Life
  • The Core of Loyalty and Teambuilding
  • How to become a True Human: Realizing Your Real Human Potential
  • The Fundamentals of Civilization
  • A Paradigm Shift for a Sustainable Health Care System
  • The Core of True Prosperity: The S.E.E.D. Center Model
  • Freedom from Anxiety & Stress
  • Ethics Training (Certification)

Instead of an academic perspective, Ratanjit’s H.E.L.P. programs impart a practical, intuitive approach to leadership development that is the essence of integral theory and the core of leadership.

Fee Schedule

Duration: Half hour to 45 min. Attendee Fee: $49/pp

4-session Webinar
Duration: 1 hour each Attendee Fee: $300 total

8-session Webinar
Duration: 1 hour each Attendee Fee: $750 total