V.I.P. Leadership Retreat

Designed for CEO’s, this program offers personal time with Ratanjit at his retreat center in Aurora, Ohio. Sitting on the Chagrin River and surrounded by 18 acres of gorgeous trees, deer, wild turkeys and more, just being there revitalizes one’s inner spirit and creative drive.

3-Day Retreat (5 - 15 participants)

This program is designed for complete, wholistic transformation including mind, body, and spirit. The 3-day program begins with a Friday evening reception followed by dinner. All-day sessions will be held on Saturday and Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm. Breakfast will be from 8 am to 9, lunch from noon to 1 pm, and dinner from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. We will serve breakfast on Monday morning at 8 am, and the session runs from 9 am until noon followed by lunch and departure at 2 pm.

7-Day Retreat (3 - 10 participants)

The  retreat begins on Sunday evening with a reception dinner and orientation presentation. In the week-long workshop, participants are given a full understanding of the core principles of leadership and true success, which are independent of the conventional “crutches” associated with leadership and success, such as worldly titles, education, heritage, awards, environment, wealth, status, industry, race, gender, age, and experience.

"Leadership is all about leading yourself. But, if you don’t know what in you requires leading, and who in you is capable of leading, your insecurities, fear, greed, and ego end up leading you."

The amazing thing is that this thought process gets us off the proverbial and established roller coaster ride associated with chasing fame, wealth, position, power, and authority — in other words, perceived worldly success. Instead, participants are guided by the clarity, depth, and authenticity of their own inherent wisdom that comes from within them. This is the only program that gives them access to their own true self. The result is the elimination of anxiety, stress, insecurity, and fear while putting them on the path of true leadership and sustainable success.

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