Our Lady of the Wayside Starlight Guardian Humanitarian Award

It was an honor being recognized on August 30th by Our Lady of the Wayside at their 12th Annual Starlight Guardian Humanitarian Award luncheon.

When Terry Davis, CEO of The Wayside, approached me about accepting this award, I was very hesitant at first, as it’s against my very psyche to be glorified in any way. It distracts me from the fundamental underpinnings of Oneness and the Universal Laws that my life is based upon. My undistracted focus on unconditional gratefulness fuels my life’s engine and keeps me light and free from ego. But once I realized the amazing work this organization is involved in, I understood that this award was not about me. It was all about helping fund The Wayside so that they can continue providing this great community service.

This institution is far ahead of other organizations doing similar work. The key reason for this is that this institution understands the difference between doing good work and becoming goodness itself. When we do good, we need to be recognized and glorified through awards, prizes, and trophies. On the other hand, when we become goodness itself, not only is it gratifying, but good deeds come out of us effortlessly, continuously, and unconditionally.


I feel this organization has something unique to teach us: We are taught to look for good people to work with us as the key to our success. Unfortunately, we’re never taught to look for goodness in people. The Wayside has always looked for, found, and nurtured goodness in people that not only helped them better themselves, but through them, helped society to become a better place. Knowingly or unknowingly, they are practicing the fundamental truth of Oneness, which means that everyone is interconnected and interdependent — we’re all One. I cannot serve myself without serving everyone around me. I cannot be happy without making everyone around me happy. I cannot be productive and successful without making everyone around me productive and successful regardless of their limitations and handicaps.

So, once again, thank you to Our Lady of the Wayside for this honor. They have made countless lives productive and meaningful, and tirelessly given light and hope to people who are in darkness. They cannot continue this work without your generous support. Once you fully comprehend Oneness, you will realize that you are an integral part of this common mission. www.thewayside.org/2015-annual-appeal/ 

By: Ratanjit S. Sondhe

Internationally renowned as Mr. Stress-Free, Ratanjit S. Sondhe is a professional speaker, author, radio and television personality, consultant, and was the founder and 34-year CEO of a material science company recently acquired by The Dow Chemical Company. He credits all of his worldly success and good fortune to realizing his place in the universe and unconditionally adding value to the bigger one - our society.

Originally posted on Sep 16, 2016.