Ratanjit S. Sondhe

Live Video Replay: How do we take care of ourselves while serving others?

Today's question: If our purpose is to serve others by adding the highest value, how do we take proper care of ourselves in the process?

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Our Lady of the Wayside Starlight Guardian Humanitarian Award

It was an honor being recognized on August 30th by Our Lady of the Wayside at their 12th Annual Starlight Guardian Humanitarian Award luncheon.

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What a Diamond Taught Me About Leadership

In 1980, I was a husband, father, scientist, son, salesman, immigrant and business owner. Or so I thought. Jolted by the news that my polymer chemicals company was facing bankruptcy, I wondered, “What went wrong and how can I fix it?”

I had been following the advice of the best professionals I could find: my accountant, my lawyer, and my multi-degreed and well-paid vice presidents. I had been following the best practices of the day in all the aspects of running my company – bottom line oriented practices. Yet, right now my advisers were busy preparing a bankruptcy filing and expecting me to sign on the dotted line.

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Reclaiming Civility

Civility seems like an old-fashioned term and people reminisce about the good ol’ days that were so much simpler and genteel than today’s world. There is some truth to that. As we watch the presidential debates, we see very little civility. Yet, if we were to look back at previous presidential debates, we’d see just as much attacking going on, but the languaging of it was more oratorical rather than blatant bludgeoning. If attacking or condemning in polished dialogue is considered civil, then we need to redefine this thing called civility.

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Oneness: The Essence of Ethics

One of my favorite things to get is a new car. The child in me feels, I suspect, like a kid at Christmas. The scientist and the engineer in me enjoys putting new technology to the test. And who doesn’t love that new car smell?

But when I buy a new car, I also want to feel that the vehicle is proven. I want to know it’s built to last. When I teach the principles of Oneness, many people find them new. If you’ve never heard of Discoverhelp, even our name, is new to you.

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